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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
whew what an experience

Alright so its been a hella long time since i updated but basically i haven't done anything since then haha. well yesterday i had an appointment to donate plasma right. well it was just the physical yesterday and i came into today to actually donate the plasma. i get in the chair and im kinda nervous and she sticks the needle in and we begin. shes explaining what to look for on the machine when i need to pump my blood into and when not to. well as this explination is going on my vision turns to about the size of pinholes and next thing i know im off in some fantasy land driving an 18 wheeler truck. as i return to the real world bam heat flashes hit me like a ton of bricks and nausia soon starts to set in. 4 people around me holding me down and hooking machines and putting cold compresses on me while i look around in confusion. eventually i get settled down and start to feel normal again but the reason this whole donation went array was because i had no food in my stomach what-so-ever. well i returned to normal complete before they even let me stand up and they did a great job handling everything and making sure i was calm and okay. i got 25 bucks for doin that and next time i go on thursday ill be sure to eat within the hour of my appointment!!!! duhh ryan oh well though im safe and i got a sweet ass story for everyone to hear about and a lesson learned! shit i gotta go i just remembered i have a paper to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at Tuesday, February 17, 2004 by currupt247
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Monday, February 02, 2004

well one of the many events you'd PAY FOR A FULL SEAT BUT ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!!!! haha what a great fucking game i swear. honesly two of the stupidest teams to play but holy hell what a great great great show of football. oh here i got some pics for yalls cause i know how much u love them this place was seriously packed id say prolly 100 - 150 people at this party maybe even more i couldn't even count haha.

Just some random girls sitting on what seemed to be the girls coutch haharandom shot of the crazy crowdmore crowd

Yep i was kinda drunk hence why they suck haha. but it was crazyness good times. i ended up winning 50 bucks total as the game got over and the betting ended and shit like that. but ummm whatelse hmm o i guess im thinking about pledging there when i get my grades back up cause this is like a rich ass house and they give you money when u get a gpa of 3.0. so its like hell ill take a free 250 bucks just for doing good and the higher u go the more money you get. and plus the alumini give money to the house all the time to make it look nice as hell so im definitely seeing this as way better compared to delta chi. and these guys are a lot more relaxed and easy going like about events and shit. so i guess we will see. something to keep in mind for next year i guess. sarahs going to be pissed but at the same time i want to do something while im at college you know. i hate sitting here on my computer just doing nothing. i want to start working out but its PACKED so its like boring as hell. whatever lets see what she says when i tell her im thinking about it i think shes just more worried about me meeting girls and crap which is so not like how it actually is. because id be too busy trying to meet and be friends with all the guys in the fraternity then actually meeting the girls. and on top of that all the girls are bitchy as hell anyway. why would i want some snobby ass slut when i have beautiful little sarah thats perfect? duhhh thats a no brainer! oh well lets see what happens im going to eat im starved later peeps.

Posted at Monday, February 02, 2004 by currupt247
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Friday, January 30, 2004
what the hell

taken at 10:30 this morning

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the coldest wheater i have ever been in. i walked in it all day boy does that feel good!!!!!! okay well i went my music class which i was studying for until 3am last night. i even made a cheat sheet so i didn't fail or anything. but the thing is while ur making the cheat sheet your basically studying!!!!! haha so i didn't even use the damn thing. its cool though hopefully i did really well. then the rest of the day was gay so whatever haha thats all for now not really eventful. i just wanna tell everyone that sarah typed up the last page and a half for my paper because shes so sweet and smart i love her so much. she really took a ton of weight off my shoulders by doing that paper. thank you baby. well for those of you that haven't seen the don video clips i recommend you ask me for them cause they are by far the funniest thing ever. so thats all for now.

Posted at Friday, January 30, 2004 by currupt247
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

yo played some pool today sarah was extra sexy *wink wink* hehe uhm whatelse o lost 5 bucks in a pool game that sucked o well we would have won we just lost fair n square. uhm got some new pics here haha
Me big pimpin in NYC, okay so not really but im still awesome thoughKevin trying to beat me what a joke!Okay Jenna lighting up a cig even though she was coughing all the way through comms what a jackass!!

(hold mouse over pics for details)
so yeh thats the pics from today who likes the pics i post anyone think its neat? let me know if they are gay ill stop doin it. uhm lets see what else not much happend it snowed a ton and i stayed in side like a hermet crab cause im a wuss and only went to one class haha o well im going to bed cause i have to go to class tomorrow. later people

Posted at Wednesday, January 28, 2004 by currupt247
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Sunday, January 25, 2004
Throwing up all day

alright i partied hard last night. like hard hard hard here are the pics....
Jp's sis and some dudeme and someone that was near me for a picJps (smaller one) and some dude

haha so thats some of the many pics i have. this phone freaking rules and i reccommend everyone spends the money cause its worth it. ive been puking all day its hell. im eating chicken noodle soup right now and drinking ginger al i seem to be getting better so thats cool. sarah has been real worried about me so its good im getting better. i dont like making her worry cause she gets real upset. lets see school is going by a lot better now that i have new teachers. like seriously every teacher is cool and laid back. last semester it was like crazy teachers not having fun or anything. i really like school now and i hope to bring it a's and b's to show my parents and let everyone in my family know i belong here and not working my ass off. tastey delite is about to pay me so thats really cool too. ill take like 600 dollars of that money and go see sarah. its gonna be the best spring break ever. okay thats all for now im gonna go make more chicken soup lata

Posted at Sunday, January 25, 2004 by currupt247
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Monday, January 12, 2004
1st day of classes

welps had the first day of classes in the second semester. it went well its really nice i wake up around 10 am go to classes at 11 then get an hour break and finish at 3:15. and ill periodically be let out early so hey can't beat that with a stick. im gonna do pretty good this year no more fuckin around. uhm lets see sarah is out with the girls tonight. dont ask me who haha just girls. s'long as she gets new friends thats cool. im always up for her having a good time and not buggin me jkjkjk!! love you baby haha. lets see ahhh Ryan and I have decided to get the best of this kid down the hall from us nick named Jack Osbourne. he seriously looks like him and yes just as nerdy. anywho heres our plan: buy the game he plays online, hack into his game, use cheats, beat the crap outta him, and laugh at him as we pass. take that jack! booya! man im hungry. i missed breakfast today. gah. im really bored right now doo doo doo. no homework no nothin im going to play a game later.

Posted at Monday, January 12, 2004 by currupt247
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Saturday, January 10, 2004

alright i woke up and bam my trigger frame sold for 127.50 im like sweet ass sweet. so the guys really nice hes from Austria hes 31 and he sent me pics from there. its a really beautiful place. then hes intrested in buying my paintball gun which would be cool with me cause im trying to get money for my new phoen i want to get that is if paypal gives me my 370 dollars back. if not i have to pay the credit card company 370 bucks so i have to start saving. thats just bullshit if i have to pay it why should i have to pay just cause someone else became friends with some dude in europe that screwed him over. whatever i dont care. well im going back to school tomorrow and really should start packing and getting things ready ill do it after im done here. im gonna be so happy back in my dorm. its so much better than this crap ass town. oh yeh btw for you assholes claiming that i was getting sarah an engagement ring you were close but way off. i got her a promise ring from zales but you guys were close too bad your a jackass and tried to be cool and ruin her christmas present but only made it better and funnier. jackass..... anyway heres a picture of the ring 
PROMISE Ring Very Good Try Though Guys
i bet it looks beautiful on her finger. hehe she sounded so excited when she got it i think i did a good job at christmas this year im just happy that everyones happy. though i didn't get to go buy lots of new clothes i dont mind as long as everyone else got great gifts. i have to start cleaning my room and packing see ya later

Posted at Saturday, January 10, 2004 by currupt247
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Friday, January 09, 2004
sry guys

sorry lot goin on i haven't had time to actually update this often well im going to start updating more and actually finish changing around the blog soo yeh thats soon to come. ive been helpin out lots of others with there problems on there blogs. its fun helping people with that kind of stuff but they seem to think they are buggin me but they aren't i really dont mind. well i have been to wokr in like a week who cares about that not like i would get any money to begin with. sarahs getting her presents tomorrow and for all of you claiming its an engagement ring haha riiight why would i send an engagement ring through the mail? oh well people are idiots and we laugh at them i wish they would come back and talk more shit to me. oh welps. catie can't leave me alone after i told her time and time again i hate her and to stop calling me oh well she sucks. ill just keep being a total asshole to her and hopefully she will go away. time to go back to school i miss all my school chums. all these people in this town lick ass. literally. i need a lotta time away from this place. hopefully ill be getting a new phone though ill show u guys later its tiiiight buisness. but id have to open up a new account with sprint to get 150 discount. we will see i guess. until next time keep ur blogs updated and ur friends distant. (at least your bad ones) late.

Posted at Friday, January 09, 2004 by currupt247
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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Voted The Best New Year's Eve EVER Period

geeeeeeeeessssh where to start what a freaking night. but its been so long since i updated this junk i dont know what to talk about. well i got fucked over by that paintball gun guy he stole 370 cause hes a prick i hope i find him one day i will seriously fuck him up. whatever anyway blah blah blah chillin didn't go to work for a while blah blah ahhh screw it lets get straight to the good stuff. okay last night. i get off work and im like well who am i hanging out with tonight. since ashley doesn't seem to care what im doing anymore i just said fuck you to her and didn't bother calling since she doesn't give a damn. you know this whole relationship she is in pisses me off cause shes not even talking to me anymore. its like she complains about never seeing me and the min i come home she never calls or wants to do anything im like fuck u. anyway so i call jp and im like lets chill so hes like tight and gave me directions to this girls house (hillary). so i get there and people i ain't shittin this house huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeeeee. im like oh shit this party is going to fucking rule. i go down stairs and theres a good amount of people there bout 20 guys and girls mixed more guys of course cause thats how it always is a parties for some reason. whatever i wasn't worried about the girls anyway cause i got my baby i was just stoked to see my old buds. so check this this girls dad is a lawyer. in his BASEMENT he has a 52" big screen tv, leather furniture, pool table, computer, walk-in shower and bathroom, in the next room a brand new fooseball table, in the room next to that a weight room. and it seriously had work out equpiment in there like 6 things and some other shit. then there was like these huge rooms that had some junk in the like storage. so its tight were all chillin im makin money hustlin losers for caysh mayne. hillary's dad bought a keg so drinks were free all night everyone was pounding that shit. i got super wasted had the greatest time ever. talked to a bunch of people wrestled a few and the rest is just crazy shit. there was this one girl though named....kathy i think yeh that was it. and she invited me to be her pool partner for the next game so im like sure thing and we lost by on the 8 but it was cool i was too drunk to shoot or even care for that matter and then this girl was all over me and stuff and she was just really slutty so im like alright cool it ur nice and all just lay off i have a gf. in this case ladies when a man politely tells u to back off just do it paaaalease. anywho this girls over every other guy after that and everyones just havin a good time. next thing i know ian a friend from delta was makin out with her in the bathroom jp video taped it on his phone cause his phone can do that kinda shit. so were all lookin at it laughin. then night goes on this girl is still up on me im likek gettin angry cause shes not checkin herself here so i just kept avoiding her. then the new year came it was cool. continued to drink ended up polishing off the keg at god knows when haha. then everyone was just acting crazy and i was walkin aroudn doin whatever. and that girl again walks up to me and she like sits in this chair and she practically pulls me on top of her and im like noooo thank you and she kept pulling me and im like alright stop ur pissin me off and then out of no where she kisses me and im like ew god and i backed up and im like dont everrrrrrrrrr do that shit again. and i walked away and ignored her the rest of the night. and i was really drunk got the hiccups tried calling sarah cause i was upset then she didn't answer and u know how drunk people act when shit goes wrong so i wigged out on her voicemail for no reason made her cry but i was just messed up i didn't know what i was saying. uhm whatelse whatelse oh then basically everyone started fallin asleep and i just laid on the floor no blankt and a couch cusion for a pillow and fell asleep sometime. woke up at 9:30 or something and i was groggy and FREEEEEEEZINGGGGGGG my ass off. it was seriosuly 35 degrees in that basement. then this girl got up from the couch so i jumped right in those blankets she had and she never came back so i was like sweet shit. then everyone started takin off and i gave a couple people a ride home came on here talked to some people and went to work. okay we got time and a half today which is sweet shit cause on top of that i made 50 dollars. it was super slow no one came around so i just chilled. oh check this shit i was rollin after this happend. okay its strats to drizzle. im like alright buisness will start to slow down but we were fittin to close anyway. so this red durango comes through i start drying him off real fast because its raining so its not like it matters anyway. he gives me a lousy buck and i go to dry the next car he pulls up a little stops and gets out. and hes like hey whats the deal you trying to pull a fast one on me. and i look at him and im like what the hell are you talking about. and hes like there is still spots on my back windshield. and im like..... sir do you know its raining outside? and hes like yes there is still spots and i walk over there and im like what????? and he grabs the towel out of my hand and starts wiping it down and basically calling me stupid cause i can't see the invisible spots on his window. so he drys it off while hes talkin shit and then he stops and im like okay.... so u just dried off the rain drops that just fell on it what purpose did that serve?  and hes like it must be on the inside and im like yeh it is why dont u clean the inside more often and not yell at me for doing my job. and hes just turns around and gets in his car. im like what a fuckin idiot. i mean cmon people if you watch someone wipe an area off already and there is still something there chances are its not the wipers fault.  the way people jump to conclusions nowadays is ridiculos (almost as rediculos as pink flamingoes haha) stupid flamingoes anywho whatever the more assholes came through and were just as retarded as he was but i dont pay attention to people like that i just try to take advantage of them. my moms redoing the whole up stairs basically. honestly i never met anyone that paints in the winter with the doors and windows sealed up. that shit stinks you know. she was very proud of me that i didn't drink and drive last night casue i called her and told her i was drunk as hell and not taking any chances. which is the sensible thing to do. i think there was a billion cops out anyway. i dont even think i would have got down the block without getting pulled over. so thats basically it for right now everything else is peechy keen ill see ya'll later until then people make sure you have something intelligent to say to prevent yourself from looking like a total jackass. late

Posted at Thursday, January 01, 2004 by currupt247
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Thursday, December 25, 2003
Wouldn't it be the best damn day if we all took time to breath?

Okay so another Christmas in the history books. Well I got some neat stuff lotta gift cards and a 5.1 speaker set for my computer so i can rock this music on here haha. but it was good to just see my family and stuff. after a while they can get annoying but its good to talk with them. played some pool last night with my aunt whom i hardly ever talk to so it was nice to play a little. though i find her repulsive and her husband makes me want to vomit its alright. when they were leaving her husband "Ron" said merry christmas brad...... im like... ooookayyyy how long has this guy known me. take the time to remember my damn name shit i know his. hes a jackass anyway. im just surprized he can hold a job. then my uncle showed me some tips while playin pool if i really bugged him enough i know he could teach me to be really really good. its basically just thinking about your shots and playing into ur oppenets skill level. but you know i usually play people that are better than me at pool halls. so i still have some learning to do. well my mother just made a new deal with me after i got done opening gifts. cause i sent my dad a link to this amazing computer. alienware if anyone knows what that is. alienware computers like the best friggin' computers ever. but anyway she said if i can get c's or better i can get on of these so at least now i have something to try for cause i really really really want that computer. i spent 2 g's on this crappy ass laptop i dont know what i was thinking but at least its portable haha. so im really gonna try next semester cause i can't fail. but i gotta do it for 2 semesters straight to get the computer. well ive decided on sarahs christmas present thanks to Jor-dan for helping me a little. id like tell you all but shes always on here so i dont wanna ruin the surprize. all i have to say is shes GOING to LOVE it i promise hehe cause shes my princess and deserves it. hehehehe sorry baby girl not gonna tell you what it is. you will find out soon enough. but lets see man these speakers are hella freaking nice. if you guys could hear these speakers its like dayum. Altec Lansing makes some good shit. oh i also got some new cologne and man this shit smells aye o.k. i was trying to describe it to sarah and we decided it was like a clean smell. like not over powering but smells like when you get out of the shower. granted no one smells the same outta the shower but its good shit pock it up its called BLACK by kenneth cole. im so tierd i was the last one up today and usually im the first on christmas. whatever im gettin to old to wake up first haha. ugh i have work at 12 tomorrow least i get paid im still prolly gonna get dicked over by brian cause he fucking hates me. he has yet to go let me dry cars while he was running shift. i dont care he can suck my nuts that fruit cake. egh thats really it for now. i always forget what im gonna write about up here oh well later people

Posted at Thursday, December 25, 2003 by currupt247
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